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chief designer

Nationality Swedish
Character Kind-hearted, optimistic, perceptive, easy-going
Hobbies Skiing, golfing, traveling, hunting, and the like

Born in a furniture-making family, my family-owned business cooperated with an Italian-based company, Arflex. Grew up in an environment full of various elaborate furniture, and I wanted to an architect



1989   I left my family-owned business and set up my own studio for furniture, hotel, and interior design.
Decided to focus on furniture design, and one year later, I launched my debut, NORDIGUE, which became one of the most popular works in the field of Swedish furniture at that time, winning several leading design awards.
1994   Worked as a consultant for The NORDIC LIGHT COLLECTION, the biggest design company in the northern Europe.
I designed a collection of ornaments for KALLEMO, a leading design company in Europe, and the collection won the innovation design award. Meanwhile, I designed for a Swedish-based company, MOVE, and also received EDS awards in Sweden; I worked with the German company WK-WOHNEN, as well.
Introduced by ELMO, a renowned Swedish leather-making company, I worked as the chief designer responsible for product design and development with SEFLEX, a famous furniture company with more than 30 years of history,

In the same year, I worked with the one of the five largest office furniture companies in Europe, KINNARPS, and I still guide the design of most of their products. One of the collections, PIO, won both the best design awards in Europe and the best design award from the National Museum Warsaw.
At the Royal Institute of Technology, I worked with a Mr. Eng, a professor at the department of architecture, on a research project in cooperation with business on how environmental change will affect office furniture requirements. Building a comfortable environment for people is actually a responsibility and a legacy. The collection by KINNARPS was launched in 2003 and was very popular in Europe.
Mr. Eng and I cooperated to develop a contemporary, classical furniture collection. This was an entirely hand-made limited edition,  with the idea of making artistic products worthy of collecting. The assignment, Edsbyn, was exhibited in Stockholm in 2005.  

From these experiences, I found many new and interesting ideas, which are the sources of my next design, and also the progress and improvement of furniture design.