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design concept & customization

For SOFLEX, sofa-making is a business centered on human needs, and every step of the process for each SOFLEX sofa uses hand-operated tools.

Unlike other sofa brands, SOFLEX is a contemporary craft center for sofa-making. It focuses on high-mix, low-volume, customized production, and we make to order. SOFLEX offers the customer the chance to be involved so that together we can make the dream sofa that perfectly fits the customer’s living room.

In the 90s, renowned designer Mr. Dan Ihreborn worked with SOFLEX as the chief designer to connect with global design trends and offer customers more creative products. Hopefully customers can sense the concept inside the sofa apart from the physical touch. When looking at the sofa, you will have the profound experience of the original ideas and feelings the designer had, and thereby appreciate the complex problems we had to overcome during sample-making period, including the various difficulties, countless modifications, and conflicts between the designer and the makers. Ultimately, all our efforts have led to the breath-taking products in front of you.

Thanks for your support and recognition! Please understand that a customized product has a complicated making process beyond word, and only very skilled masters can make your dreams come true. Your understanding is the best way to show the utmost respect to them.