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Rawhide value is divided into as follows:
Grade A: the best rawhide with the least number of scratches
Grade B: Fewer scratches and insect bites on the rawhide
Grade C: the worst rawhide with a high number of scratches and insect bites

These scars shown in the pictures below are the result of injuries sustained by cattle and the rawhide is ranked grade C

Full grain leather, slightly corrected grain leather, and heavily corrected grain leather


Full grain leather is made from the grade A rawhide with the least scratches. Full grain leather is not sanded, so it contains the natural leather grain and is soft, flexible, and breathable. Therefore, the full grain leather is most suitable to be used on high quality leather products, like high-end sofas.

Slightly corrected grain leather is made from grade B rawhide with fewer scratches and insect bites. To remove the imperfections, the slightly corrected grain leather is slightly sanded and is good enough for middle-high quality leather.

Heavily corrected grain leather is made from the grade C rawhide with a number of scratches and insect bites, so it has to be heavily sanded to remove these imperfections. Since the process of manufacturing heavily corrected grain leather removes all imperfections, resulting in an even appearance, the natural characteristics commonly found on leather are no longer visible. However, heavily corrected grain leather loses durability during the process, so it is easily cracked and suitable only for low quality leather products, such as semi-leather sofas.


Faux and cheated leather
Before leathers are used as sofa leather, they have to be split into two layers. The bottom layer created by that split is referred to as split leather which is weak, easy to crack, and can have a rough feel and of poor flexibility. It is usually used for shoe leather. Recently, new leather manufacturing methods mean that some sofa manufacturers make cheaper leather sofas covered with split leather in order to keep costs down.

The famous brand sofa in the picture below made of split leather has already cracked with less than one year of use. However, it is believed that the seller might tell the customer the sofa was made of genuine leather.

Recycled leather: to recycle leather, the collected leather remains and scraps must be first shredded, and then the resulting blend of shredded leather material is glued together with resin and catalysers. After that, the product is pressed into leather paper. These kinds of products are usually used to cover products with hard bottoms, such as the top of a teapoy, but it is unsuitable for products with soft bottoms, like sofas. However, some sofa manufacturers make cheap leather sofas covered with recycled leather in order to keep costs down. The covers made from recycled leather often crack and are likely to fall with less than one year of use.

The dining chair in the picture below is covered with recycled leather and has already cracked with less than one year of use.