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leather coloring process

Leather dyeing process  
Pure Aniline, Semi Aniline and Pigmented Leather

1. Pure Aniline    
(1) Grade A full grain leather is used.
Grade A full grain leather is dyed with pure aniline dyes rather than pigment. The dye solution completely penetrates the hide with color. Since no layer of pigment is applied to the surface of the leather, it has excellent breathability and a soft feel.

The dye solution is quickly absorbed into the full grain leather, and carries the color deep into the fibers. Since there is no coating on the surface of the full grain leather, it is the best quality leather and 100% breathable, soft, transparent, and durable. It retains the natural leather grain. Therefore, this kind of leather is best suitable for high quality leather products, like high-end leather sofas.  

2. Semi Aniline 
 (1) Grade B slightly corrected leather is used.  
Semi-aniline leather is seen as middle quality, and has a small amount of pigment applied to the surface thereof. Therefore, semi-aniline leather has good breathability and a less soft feel.

First, the dye solution is quickly absorbed into the slightly corrected leather, and carries the color deep into the fibers. A small amount of pigment is then applied to the surface of the dyed leather to ensure an even distribution, so it is 80% breathable and good quality for leather products.  

3. Pigmented Leather
(1) Grade C heavily corrected leather is used.
Since several layers of pigment are applied to the surface of the pigmented leather, it has poor breathability and a rough feel.


Pigment is directly sprayed onto the surface of the heavily corrected leather, so its breathability declines to 30%, and it is hard, liable to crack, and is only suitable for cheaper leather products, like half-leather sofas.    


The leather production process and leather value are not easy to understand. Therefore, information about leather sofas that customers see in the shops and stores is often vague, and further damages the customer rights and interest. Please kindly leave a message here if you have any questions about leather sofas. SOFLEX is willing to offer a more detailed explanation for you.