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frame structure


SOFLEX frames are made of dried polished pine wood from a Brazilian plantation. (the seats are tested.) 

Prior to being used, the pinewood is smoked and dried to keep the moisture content below 12%, in order to prevent woodworm, mold, buckling, or other deformities in the timber. 

SOFLEX frames are made of pine from a Brazilian 
 The sofa frame timber of other sofa manufacturers is only 1.7 cm thick, and the piece of wood in the red circle shown in the picture is still wet. 

The wood used for the frame of SOFLEX sofas is planed smooth on both sides, so they tight fitting, rigid and long-lasting without loosening.

 The wood used for SOFLEX sofas is planed smooth on both sides.
 The wood used for other sofa manufacturers is not planed.

Each joint of the wooden frame is planed and fixed with glue. The two pieces of wood are tightly fastened together with a nail gun, so the frame is rigid, long-lasting and remains firm after use.

The process of making a wooden frame for a SOFLEX sofa is: 
Step 1:each connecting wood          Step 2: each joint is glued
is planed to half the thickness.

Step 3:the joints are then tightly
fastened together with a nail gun.
Other sofa manufacturers only use one piece of wood to
attach to two pieces of connected wood to strengthen the
places where the frame joins together, but this is easy to
loosen with usage.


How the sofa frames are sealed

SOFLEX sofa uses several pieces of wood to
seal the bottom of the frame
Other sofa frames only use polyurethane woven cloth
to seal the bottom of the frame.


The frame is not only one of the most important parts of a sofa, but it also determines its life-span. However, other sofa manufacturers may leave the timber used to make frames either outside in the rain or randomly piled up in a weedy environment. When you go to a furniture shop or store to buy a sofa, the sofa is already covered with a leather cover and the frame attached to foam cannot be seen, concealing the truth.