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SOFLEX products use high strength and quality threads in the sewing process, made by Coats UK COATS, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial sewing threads with more than two centuries of experience and history.


SOFLEX sofas are sewed with the best quality sewing threads, No.66 nylon bonded braid, which has several features, such as having a strong tensile strength, and being hard to break and pill, resistant to frost, and the like.  


The thread for single needle stitching has a tensile strength of 28.5 kg.

(2) The thread for double needle stitching has a tensile strength of 9.5KG.  

(3) The thread for sewing has a tensile strength of 4.5 kg.  
Double stitching explained:
Every leather panel for SOFLEX sofas is carefully double-needle stitched and the connecting edges are strengthened, making the leather harder to crack or tear, meaning they have excellent flexibility and tractability.
The sewing process of other sofa brands does not have any measure to strengthen the flexibility of the edges between connecting leather panels